Yasar Yildirim, Kecioren Metro power of shame

📩 29/11/2018 19:52

Yasar Yildirim, Kecioren Metro, the shame of power: MHP Ankara 2. District Deputy Candidate Yasar Yildirim, the ongoing work to finish the Kecioren Metro stating that the power of shame, said the following summary: The Kecioren Metro line, the AKP government does not have a meaning other than to taunt the Kecioren. It is obvious that the Keçiören Metro, which could not be completed despite the 12 year, is the bleeding wound of Ankara. This endless ordeal is the biggest example of the AKP government's view of the people of Ankara.

Yasar Yildirim, who is the owner of MHP who made a visit to Kazim Karabekir Street, said that the 15 2003 2005 should not be completed since 12. told.


Lightning, the city's other problem in a modern stadium in Ankara, noting that the lack of a olm capital, unfortunately, the last national match was played years ago. The stadiums in Konya and Kayseri should not be questioned. During the AKP government, Başkent Ankara was convicted of all investments. Especially, many of the institutions moved from Ankara and were emptied of our capital. Özellikle

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