TCDD does not permit the ceremony for Idil South

TCDD did not allow the ceremony for İdil Güney: TCDD did not allow the ceremony that his friends wanted to hold for the Physics Engineer İdil Güneyi, who died in the terrorist attack in Ankara.

Physical Engineer İdil Güney, an employee of the institution, was among those who lost their lives in the terrorist attack that took place in front of the TCDD Station in the capital Ankara. CHP General Secretary Gürsel Tekin stated that TCDD did not allow his colleagues to want to hold a 'ceremony' in memory of İdil Güney, who lost his life in the explosion, and reacted by saying, "You do not respect the life of this person who says" Our tears are the same color, at least you can respect his dead ".

Gürsel Tekin said, “South İdil is a TCDD employee. His friends wanted to hold a memorial service. The institution did not allow it. What could be the reason for this? I really can't believe it. "If you did not respect his life, you would respect his dead person at least," he said. İdil Güneyi, in her last post on Facebook, said “The Color of Our Tears Is The Same… We are in Ankara on 10 October”.

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