New Gospel for Malatya High Speed ​​Line

New news for the high-speed train line in Malatya: AK Party MKYK member and Malatya deputy Oznur Calik, Malatya Journalists and Televisions Society visited. Çalık made a statement on the agenda during his visit and gave the good news about the high speed train planned in Malatya. Çalık, 'Our high-speed train project tender was made in May 2015. Now, according to the latest information we have received from our general manager and minister, if we are to be helped, 10 will be signed a contract for our high-speed train project. Şimdi


Çalık, who gave a new good news about the high-speed train, said ız We had the expectation of a high speed train in Malatya which we all looked forward to. Especially in the declaration of our Malatya has not passed because of a trump card in the hands of the opposition, 'This is what happened' he was asking. Don't be too happy. We have said that the fast train project tender will be made. Our high speed train project tender was held in May 2015. As a result of the project tender, the most advantageous company was invited to sign the contract. However, it was unfortunately not taxable because of the tax debt. The second company, the best offer, was then invited. Now the last information we receive from our general manager and minister; I hope that God will be signed in 10 days in the contract of our quick train project auction. Good luck to Malatya, I hope. The most important part of Malatya-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project was between Çetinkaya and Malatya. We did the tender for the survey and project of this line at 5 May 2015. If God gives the contract in the 10 day will do. And this is the good news of our Malatya. Bu

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