Fieldwork started for Izmir Transportation Master Plan

Field studies for the Izmir Transportation Master Plan have started: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has stepped into the field in updating the "Izmir Transportation Master Plan", which will shape the next 15 years in urban transportation.

According to the statement made by the metropolitan municipality, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has carried out updating works in the transportation master plan in line with technological progress and developing needs, started face to face meetings with the people of İzmir in order to create a plan to shape urban transportation up to 2030.

In order to determine the transportation needs of the citizens, to take the demands and to shape the new transportation master plan in this direction, 40 thousand people will be interviewed by 120 thousand people. In addition, surveys will be carried out with 5 thousand drivers, passengers and pedestrians. The surveys will be carried out in selected households in the 30 district within the boundaries of the Metropolitan Municipality by random sampling method (TurkStat sampling methods).

-Man oriented transportation

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which started to work in the field by finalizing the tender held for updating the "İzmir Transportation Master Plan", aims to determine the policies and investments required for a human-oriented and sustainable transportation system with the new plan. For this purpose, taking into account the city's upper and lower scale plan decisions, transportation and traffic suggestions and new projects will be produced.

With the studies to be carried out, the daily travel data collected in the city will be collected and a transportation network will be created in the future by estimating the transportation demand in the whole city by taking into account the travel characteristics. Within the scope of the plan, a scientific basis will be established for projects such as road network proposals, public transportation system line and operating plans, rail system proposals, pedestrian and bicycle path development proposals, parking policies, intercity and rural transportation links.

In addition, the current transport structure of the city will be studied with traffic counts and passenger, driver, cyclist and pedestrian surveys. Within the scope of the plan studies, 1/1000 scaled City Center Traffic circulation plans, 100 level crossroads preliminary project, 10 bridge intersection preliminary project, rail system preliminary projects, highway corridor preliminary projects, public transportation systems pre-feasibility, transportation modeling software and traffic simulation software will be prepared.

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