Metro flights for Galatasaray-Eskisehirspor match extended

For the Galatasaray-Eskişehirspor match, subway flights were extended: Super League Hasan Doğan Season's 10. at the time of the week will be played at 21.45 Galatasaray - Eskişehirspor match for the metro expeditions extended.

1 November Sunday due to the general election to be played at the time 21.45 Galatasaray-Eskişehirspor match was extended to the metro services. Champions League time and the same time the hour of the match will be finished in the late hours to the metro service will serve up to 01.00 hours.

Galatasaray Club Lig Super League 10. 29 October 2015 will be played at 21.45 on Thursday. Accordingly, the metro services in the M1, M2, M3 and M4 lines will serve up to the hour 01.00 UM.

On the other hand, he completed his preparations in Eskişehirspor and will move to Istanbul in the afternoon.

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