Intense Interest in Denizli Cable Car Line

📩 24/11/2018 14:29

Intense interest in Denizli cable car line: Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan made the new cable car lift free of charge for a month. Citizens attacking the resort created hundreds of meters of tail to experience the excitement of the cable car

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, 1.5 years ago began the cable car project in Denizli has experienced great joy. Mayor Osman Zolan, who recently made the presentation of the cable car which cost 38 million pounds, announced that the facility would carry free passengers for a month. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, with the explanation of the cable car during the 1 month to serve the public free of charge, those who attack the ropeway. Denizli people who want to ride the ropeway to get away from the cable car in Bagbasi Mahallesi'nde neighborhood. The overhead of the ropeway has exceeded the 300 meter. Citizens riding the ropeway system showed great interest and then went to the plateau of the olive and visited the social facility area. There are 400 cabins in the ropeway system at a thousand 24 meters. The 496 6 8 meter-long cable car system reaches its peak from the starting point in minutes. Turkey's historic cable cars Izmir Balçova of the first cable car, entered the service after waiting for repair 1,5 years, she was launched in Denizli Municipality's project 5 years. 1400 per person will carry passengers after the cable car is free for one month. 30 elevators, 20 bungalows at home, 10 tent will know the accommodation, XNUMX pieces at the summit, where local products are sold buffet, there are two restaurants.

Mayor Zolan said that the people will be in the service of those wishing to live in the winter, the winter and the cold. Our marine will be the center of attraction for local and foreign tourists. Together with our ropeway, we brought our people together with these riches. We will continue to live the firsts in Denizli. Denizli