New Trains for Urumqi City Metro in China

Getting New Trains for Urumqi City Metro in China: The railway presidency of China's Urumqi city has signed a new agreement for the metro line in the city. An agreement was reached with the Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive company, a subsidiary of the Chinese CRRC company, to purchase trains for the city's first metro line. The company will produce 27 trains with 6 wagons each to be used in the Urumqi city metro.

Type A trains are designed to have 4 engines and the maximum speed of trains will be 80 km / h. The first two of the trains to be produced are planned to be delivered in October of 2016. The remaining trains will be delivered by the end of 2017.

The city has a total of 27,6 stations on the first subway line of the city which is 21 km. The line will serve between the international airport in the northwest and Santunbei in the south. According to the statement made by the railroads of the city, the metro line is a first for the city and 2035 until the 4 to give the good news that there will be a separate metro line.

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