Cheapest and Most Beautiful Train Routes


Cheapest and Most Beautiful Train Routes: The purpose of the traveler is not to get from one place to another. For the traveler, what they see on the road while traveling from one place to another is as important and valuable as the destination. The location of the train journey is particularly well known to travelers. The Interrail, which is cherished by the travelers, or the Eastern Express in our country, may be the first examples that come to mind. In this article, we have compiled the cheap and best train rides for those who love train rides.

Bernina Express

The last stop of the train departing from the Swiss city of Chur or Davos is Tirano, Italy. The journey time varies between 4-5 hours and the top of the train is covered with glass so that you can see the best views of the Alps. you are busy with fascination. Price of the train: 196 Swiss francs

Bergen Railway

The train, which serves as the domestic train of Norway, goes from Oslo to Bergen. You have the opportunity to see all the beauties of the north and even see the lush forests and fjords. In winter, snow storms make the journey a bit troublesome, but it may taste different :) Travel time: 6-7 hours. Price: 40 Euro

T27-Beijing / Lhasa

The train departing from Beijing, China, stops at Lanzhou, Xining, Golmund and arrives at the last stop in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. The Tanggula crossing, where this railway line passes, was the highest railway crossing in the world with a height of 5.072 meters. There are even oxygen masks. Travel time: 2 days. Price: Sleeping car without doors: 102 dollars, 4-bed-compartment: 158 dollars.

Reunification Express

The train departing from Hanoi, Vietnam, ends in Saigon. It is possible to see many shades of green while traveling through the rainforest along the South China Sea. Travel time: 2 nights. Price: One person in four berths is 7 euro.

Oncf Tangier Marrakech Railway

Unlike the train routes mentioned above, it is time to travel in African soil instead of green. Departing from the city of Tangier in Morocco, the train stops at Meknes, Fez, Rabat and Casablanca and reaches the last stop in Marrakech. You can sit where you find first class seats with tickets and second class tickets are not available. 24 hours. Price: Second-class $ 25, First-class $ 39, Couchette $ 47.

Amtrak Coast Starlight Railway

The train departs from Seattle, America, through the grape-growing valleys and the most beautiful scenery on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, passing through Oregon, Salem, Springfield, Sacramento, San Francisco and Santa Barbara to its final destination, Los Angeles. There are travel options in the compartment. Journey time: 36 hours. Price: Seat; 166 Compartment: 620 dollars.

Empire builder

A train route that can be called a legend for those who do not miss the cowboy movies broadcast on TRT on Sundays. The train, which passes through the ancient Indian lands, leaves Chicago, passes through Minneapolis, Montana, and reaches Seattle in spring and summer. informs the passengers about the regions passed. Travel Time: 46 hours Price: 159 dollars.

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