Hitachi is in serious sight for Havaray

We are discussing very seriously havaray for Hitachi: Hitachi Director Erman Turkey Akgun, he said they made serious negotiations to bring the havaray technology used in Japan since xnumx't Istanbul. Erman Akgun, "the Japanese Shinkansen high-speed train technology operated with zero accidents we're looking at how we can bring to Turkey," he said

Hitachi Director Erman Turkey Akgun, said they made serious negotiations to bring the havaray technology used in Japan since xnumx't Istanbul. Under the sponsorship of Vodafone Turkey, Capital and Ekonomist scope of CEO Club meeting held under the leadership of the magazine "Infrastructure Leaders Summit" attended Akgun, "We have serious talks in Istanbul. I think we need the air to find a solution to the traffic problem we all have. In addition, the Shinkansen Japanese high-speed train systems have been operated with zero accidents since the 1964s. We're looking at how we can bring this technology to Turkey, "he said.

Akgun noted that it is very important for them in the health field, the proton beam therapy system, we think it is important in terms of bringing medical tourism in Turkey, "he said.

We want to be in Turkey

Hitachi EMEA-CIS Chief Executive Klaus Dieter Rennert, who attended the summit, said they were upset because they were not expensive because they made the third airport as a company.

Klaus Dieter Rennert, "We want to have more in Turkey. We have big plans for this place. We can serve in many areas. We will see this in the following days. İler

47.8 mileage is currently scheduled

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality plans to build a total 47.8 kilometer line in the city. Üsküdar Lidabidiye and Sefaköy of this line Halkalı in order to ease traffic and facilitate transportation, Zincirlikuyu-Sarıyer, Beyoğlu-Şişli 4.Levent-Levent, Sefaköy-Havalalanı, Kartal-D100, Maltepe-Başıbüyük routes are planned.

We'll catch it again

Turkey Contractors Union President Mithat Yenigün the "Union 25-30 billion dollars a year as we sign the contract. In the last 2 year, our capacity in Russia and Libya shrank by 33.5. We are in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are trying to get the share of sub-structure and superstructure tenders from sub-Saharan and Iran. I believe that the 1-2 will try to capture these figures again in the year-.

4.5 billion euro loan to third airport 19 to be signed in October

Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of LİMAK Holding, stated that they plan to sign the 4.5 billion euro financing package for the first stage investment of the third airport to Istanbul in October; total 19 said the state banks would assume about 6 of the package, which will include the bank. Ozdemir, 70 70 percent of the financing package will be provided from the state bank said.

Özdemir said, Öz We have solved its financing. There are two small points left. We will end the loan agreement quickly in this month. With the loan we received from the 750 million-euro bridge, we continue the construction at full speed. Al

Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture Group, the construction of the construction of the third airport built with the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model that records the progress of the construction of Ozdemir, currently close to a thousand vehicles, nearly a thousand, said that the equipment. 2, who is currently working in the airport construction, stated that the number of people will increase to 7 thousand in the following days. Ozdemir, 30'in the third quarter of the first airport to begin to remove the aircraft to begin to remove, he continued:

Or 1 million 300 thousand square meters are doing the main terminal building. There will be both inside and outside lines. We're gonna have an 120 door. We're going to bring ATA aircraft to the bridges. We will get you to the terminal quickly from our bridges. We will bring you in front of the luggage system with fast roads and fast walking bands. We're about to connect the best luggage system in the world. It's been a good project, always foreigners. We almost solved the infrastructure. I hope we will open the airport in the first quarter of 2018 upon our promise. Ş

65 of the third bridge is over

IC Energy Group Chairman of the Board Serhat Çeçen, 3. . We have completed the 65 of our jobs as bridges and roads, Köprü he said. 3 construction in Chechnya, Istanbul. Bridge tamamen The third bridge began to show itself completely day and night. We have completed the 65 of our business as bridges and roads. We hope to open to traffic in the last quarter of 2016. Right now, our course is in this direction. We are not experiencing a glitch in this matter Bu he shared his knowledge.

The financing of the bridge 3'i public to meet the loan they received from the bank 6 they reminded the Chechen, the land of the world's largest bridge, which is now two feet said that.

Companies also have a role in fiber

Vodafone Turkey CEO Gökhan counsel, inflection points in Turkey to be ready xnumxg'n drew attention to the need to consist of fiber transmission infrastructure connecting to the network. Öğüt, said: X In our country about 4.5 thousand kilometers fiber infrastructure is available, whereas 257 needs a thousand kilometers. Fiber, individuals, households, companies also fall into the task. Companies need to demand the fiber, especially the major infrastructure projects, and thus encourage the expansion of fiber infrastructure. Şirket

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