Cable car to be built

InKumu'a ropeway will be made: Bartin Governor Seyfettin Azizoglu, the holiday village of İnkumu did not find the appropriate construction, they plan to relieve the transportation with the cable car announced.

Governor Azizoğlu said in a statement about the subject: esi Tunnel project is a solution that will ease transportation to Inkumu. However, this is a real and correct solution. This is a tourist paradise. She has the beauty that no one imagines. I've been thinking a lot about how this tunnel would actually benefit. The cost is also high. 25 finds the million. When we start work, I guess there will be some problems. Expropriations will be released. The houses in the vicinity will suffer. Is the goal coming? I doubt it. We have other projects for this place. The ropeway system can be considered. It is very nostalgic and fit for purpose. It's very cheap. You can create a space above and park the vehicles. Citizens leaving their vehicles above will go down with the cable car. Friends working on it. There is an 3 rule when doing a job. It will be safe, aesthetic and economical. We have to find three of them at the same time. We're gonna make it. It will be much nicer, Çok he said.