Great Investment in 2015 from Chinese Railways

Biggest Investment in Chinese Railways 2015: According to the statement made by Chinese Railways (CRC), in the first 2015 month of 6, a total of $ 43 billion was spent for the construction of domestic railways. Thus, the money spent on railway construction increased by 6% compared to the first 13 month of last year.

Chinese Railways announced at the beginning of 2015 that their goal was to build a total 8000 km route during the year. According to the figures mentioned, in the first 2015 month of 6, domestic 2226 km railway was built and put into service. This figure remains slightly below the railway target for the year specified at the beginning of 2015, but still stands out as a serious act.

In the statement made by the Chinese government, it was pointed out that the budget spent on railways is the 7th most important investments in the country. Other major investments in China include projects such as environmental protection, healthcare spending and the installation of energy systems.



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