US City of Denver's Transportation Network Expands

denver transportation
denver transportation

Denver, a city in the state of Colorado in the USA, pressed the button to expand its urban transportation network. The Denver regional transportation directorate and a group of companies led by Balfour Beatty have agreed to expand Denver urban transportation.

Under the leadership of Balfour Beatty, the companies that will work for the project were determined as Parsons Brinckerhoff, Capitol Management, Transit Safety & Security Solutions and System Consulting and Communication Infrastructure Group.

The length of the line planned as the extension of the E and F lines of the Lincoln light-rail system will be 3,7 km. The project phase of the line is planned to start at the end of this year and start construction in 2016. The opening of the service line is expected to be in early 2019.

The cost of the new line will be 233,1 million dollars. Until now, 34 million dollars have already been spent on the project.

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