Rail system to stimulate the real estate market

The rail system will revive the real estate market in Konya: It is stated that there has been an increase in property prices due to the urban transformation in Konya and this situation has been observed especially in the Meram region.

Pointing out that the three central districts at the urban transformation point were successful, Sedat Altınay, the President of the Konya Chamber of Realtors said, il If the rail system will be activated in Karatay and Meram, all the central districts will have mobility K.

Altınay, uy Konya consists of three central districts. The first one is the Seljuk region, the advantage of our Seljuk region is that our universities have that density. The rail system passes through that area. Then Karatay and Meram go head to head. Hopefully, if the metro, which is one of the rail system projects, will be activated, all the central districts of Konya will be very active. İn

Noting that there has been an increase in the real estate prices related to the urban transformation initiated by Meram, Altınay said fiyat There were old wooden buildings with two floors and two floors. Because instead of the multi-storey buildings are constructed, due to the floor differences and the floor height, the prices will surely increase. It will be valued in the residence made upon him. That's why the price has to bounce upward. Our citizens have always been profitable. After that they will continue to win. There was previously a mentality in Meram, the protection of his father in the green over two times more than zoning zoning. 2 is a home to a thousand meters, a house of a thousand 600 meters, so indeed. Okay, let's protect the green, but we have hard mountainous areas. Let's do high housing in the housing that we have closed the housing deficit and the citizens more healthy, healthy and peaceful housing should be built, "he said.

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