144 annual story of public transportation in Istanbul

144 annual story of public transportation in Istanbul was published with the name Transportation in Istanbul: Photographs The 1871 annual story of public transportation, which started in 144 in Istanbul, was published as Ulaşım Transportation in Istanbul with Photos Kitap.
Celebrating its 144 anniversary, Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Enterprises (IETT) brought together the history of public transportation in the city with a two-volume book titled Ulaşım Transportation in Istanbul with Photos ”.
In the book, the public transportation of İETT in the 1871 X-IV metrobus with the metrobus in It explained. Istanbul City Transportation Historian Akin Kurtoglu and prepared by the IETT Photography Archive consists of two-volume work of the year is the subject of the bus in Istanbul. The book is a resource for researchers working on the city and the history of transportation in Istanbul.
Stating that IETT is a well-established company and celebrating its 144 year this year, Cevdet Güngör, Head of Corporate Communication Department at IETT said, “IETT is an authority especially in urban public transportation. Since its establishment, we have prepared a book about the vehicles used in public transportation and cultural conditions, physical conditions and urban culture of that day. It took more than a year to prepare this book. We have created such a work together with the superior efforts of our friends from both the IETT archive and a number of photographs in the private collection. The name of our public transportation book in Istanbul consists of two volumes. In the book, not only vehicles, stops or images of the city, but you also find a number of stories of repair. Beyond being an album, it is possible to find stories, anecdotes and traces of that day in this book. ”
Gungor said that the aim of the books is to reveal some traces of the past and said: “We want to create a resource for researchers and to establish an emotional connection with our passengers beyond being just a public transportation company. Therefore, when any citizen, passenger or a manager looks at these books and examines them, his own memories of the past come to life in his memory and the trolleybuses he has taken in his eyes, the vehicles in which he works, the vehicles, stops, and the dialogues passing there. We have produced such a social benefit ”.
Cevdet Güngör stated that they are a company providing public transportation services in the city and said, “The first bus used in 1927 in the last period, and then the Turkish engineer's bus called 'Tosun', was re-opened in the historical places of Istanbul by renewing 4 or 5. We presented. In this sense, in this book, to reveal our memories of the past and the things that are left in the documents. This is our main goal to provide a source for both our customers and researchers. As IETT, we aim to add value to their daily life in terms of culture and art as well as providing public transportation services to the public. In this sense, our Mayor Kadir Topbaş and General Manager Mümin Kahveci have very meaningful and encouraging support. In this sense, of course, our President and General Manager contributed to the emergence of such books and works, so we commemorate them with gratitude and gratitude. If we have made any contribution to the life of Istanbulites in the sense of reminding the traces of the past to some extent, we consider ourselves fortunate. ”

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