Ankara Metro Stations Water Leaks

Ankara Metro Stations Water Leaks: After Ankaray's College and Tandoğan and the subway station Batıkent and Söğütözü stations, water has started to leak from the ceiling at the National Library Station. Metropolitan Municipality, 'slippery floor' places where the flow of water is sufficient to place the warning, Ankara Hürriyet draws attention to a bigger problem: ehir Attention! Water leaks from the ceiling. Tav

In Ankara, with the effect of rain falling recently, Ankaray and metro lines started to drip water as in previous years.
After the subway station of Ankaray, some stations in the Kızılay-Çayyolu metro line, which opened last year after the subway, returned to the lake due to water leakage.
Hürriyet; 'Ray the pain does not listen' and 'Siputozu' s news' s, the Çayyolu metro Söğütözü station brought on the ongoing water flows. This time, similar problems emerged in the National Library station. After the heavy rains in recent days, the roof of the National Library began to flow.
The station in the tunnel leading to the exit of the National Library, had its share of the leaks. Station officials, the ceiling flowing 'caution slippery floor' with the warnings of the subway, using the metro citizens watched the region's flowing eyes with astonished eyes.


At the Ankara station of Ankaray, the spring water from the station could not be stopped for months during the construction of the escalator that started in October at 2012. Some entrances of the station due to water leakage are still unavailable due to renovations that have been going on for approximately 1,5 years.


After a few months of spring water from the station in Ankaray, the water leaked from the wall and ceiling at the Tandoğan station in March in 2013, caused accumulation on the stairs. The water leaking from the walls, rainy days, indicating that the increased capitalists, as a precaution to the bucket had reacted only.


Batıkent subway station was flooded in June, following a heavy rain. While the passengers on the platform had a hard time because the roof of the station received water, passengers had to talk on the social media for a long time.


Çayyolu Metro Söğütözü station ceiling and the water leak caused by decay in the walls could not be solved. Discharging the disabled elevator and draining through the rails between the rails, especially after the precipitation is increasing. The station employees, besides the station 'Iron cage' known as the water flowing to the station argues that the place.

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