Akgün: In Büyükçekmecede bridge collapses if the collapsed

Akgün: If the bridge collapses in Büyükçekmece, a disaster will occur. Büyükçekmece D 100 Highway Mimarsinan Bridge, which collapsed in the past months, stated that the collapse continues in Büyükçekmece D XNUMX Highway Mimarsinan Bridge, and said “If the bridge collapses, disaster will occur”.
Having brought the issue to the agenda in the first session of Büyükçekmece Municipal Council in June, Hasan Akgün said, “The bridge in the north on Büyükçekmece D 100 Highway is no longer able to carry itself. All sides of the bridge started to sit. Repairs were made after the western part of the bridge collapsed in the past months. Since then, the bridge has collapsed of 7-8 centimeters. The pillars and beams of the bridge are split. They took close-up photos of them and were transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality with a personal cover letter. God forbid, but if buses and trucks collapse on this bridge tomorrow, we will be at great loss ”.
Akgün said, “The bridge to be built instead of the existing bridge should be built as soon as possible. A second bridge should also be built there. The collapsing bridge in the north should also be rebuilt. When the D 100 Highway Mimarsinan Bridge collapses, Büyükçekmece will cause Istanbul to be paralyzed. We may face disasters that none of us desire. In this respect, attention should be drawn to this bridge, ”he said.

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