Partition Kabataş Malfunction in the Funicular Line


Partition Kabataş malfunction of the funicular line: Taksim-Kabataş funicular line operating between the two is not working due to technical malfunction.


Especially, the funicular line, which enables citizens who come to the European side from the Anatolian side of the city to reach Taksim and the metro system, and therefore, the funicular line, which is very busy in the morning, hampered the transportation. Due to the malfunction, additional bus services were started. The security guards at the station said "there is a breakdown" and directed the citizens to the buses.

In the statement made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. to, it was stated that the malfunction started around 07:20 in the morning. Stating that 4 ring buses are put into service on the same route, Transportation Inc. He did not give a clear hour of when the fault would be fixed. It was said that a public statement will be made regarding the troubleshooting work, which is expected to last until the evening hours.



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