Day and night skiing and entertainment in Palandöken

Palandöken from day-night skiing and entertainment: Palandöken Ski Center in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Netherlands and visitors from Iran, as well as all over Turkey by, thanks lit runway 'for nightwear day' doing bundle of skiing. Those who are sated on skis are having fun until the first lights of the morning by participating in the entertainment organized in the hotels at night.

90-star Xanadu Snow White, Dedeman, Polat Renaissance, Palan Hotel and boutique hotel Dedeman Ski Lodge in Palandoken, which has a occupancy of up to 5 percent before the semester break, offers different alternatives besides the ski. Visitors to the Palandöken Ski Center, 7 kilometers from the city center and 19 kilometers from the airport, have the opportunity to freely ski on snowy peaks at a height of 3 thousand meters above sea level, while those who do not know how to ski and snowboard enjoy skiing by sledding. In Palandöken, which is chirping on the weekends, skiing is also performed on the night-lighted tracks.

Dedeman Hotel General Manager Mehmet Varol, Erzurum, Turkey is not in terms of winter sports, said that one of Europe's most important tourism centers. Mehmet Varol pointed out that Erzurum has become a privileged location with ice skating and curling salons together with Palandöken and Konaklı ski centers: “There is the opportunity to ski on nearly 13 tracks, the longest of which is 40 kilometers. 4 thousand people can ski in Paladöken at the same time. With the artificial snow making system, it opens early in the season and we guarantee the guests snow and slippage. In Palandöken, especially on weekends, runways are crowded. It was a privilege to ski in Konaklı, which was put into service during the World Universities Winter Games in 2011 and Palandöken, whose mechanical facilities were renewed. Wherever you live in the world, there is nothing as easy as coming to Erzurum Palandöken. Those who get off the plane at Erzurum Airport start to slip on the runways after 15 minutes. Ski lovers can ski until midnight thanks to the lighting system. There is no 24-hour movement in Palandoken. Those who think of Palandoken should make an early reservation during the semester break. ”

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