Historic Ali Bridge waiting for appropriation

Historical Ali Bridge is waiting for an allowance: The historical Ali Bridge in Gündoğmuş is waiting for an allowance for tourism. The historical Ali Bridge in Gündoğmuş is waiting for allowance to be added to tourism.
The historical Ali Bridge from the Seljuk period, which is 20 kilometers away from the district center, was abandoned to its fate. Allowance is expected to be allocated to bring the bridge in the Güneycik Neighborhood, which is known to provide the connection of the caravan route between Alanya and Konya for centuries. Güneycik District Headman Guzel Osman Yilmaz said, “It was announced that the Alanya District Tourism Directorate will allocate a 4-kilometer road for the transportation of vehicles to the bridge 3 years ago. But the allowance did not come, it was not opened on the road. ”
Stating that they are endeavoring to bring the bridge into tourism, Yilmaz said that the bridge of historical importance should be protected.

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