Marmaray is deadlocked on the European side

Marmaray has reached a deadlock on the European Side: In an interview with Lütfi Elvan Posta newspaper, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Marmaray construction has stopped on the European side.
Highlights from Elvan's interview to Hakan Çelik:
What is the situation in Marmaray?
In the last 1 year, 53 million of our citizens used Marmaray, we continue the construction of the Eurasian tunnel (the tunnel to be used by wheeled vehicles), it has passed 1700 meters.
Now someone who comes to Ankara from Istanbul has to get off in Pendik and continue on his way using other systems. When will the line up to Gebze be opened?
Marmaray HalkalıRegarding the section up to, a Spanish company was running this study, slowing it down. At this stage, this firm plans to transfer it to a Turkish firm, and negotiations continue. But we will also speed up this project. This year seems a bit difficult to finish, but we are pushing.




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