The profession of the future is logistics

Logistic of the future: The global logistics sector is estimated to have a volume of 6-7 trillion dollars. The Turkish transportation and logistics sector, which has reached a volume of nearly $ 1 billion, has seen a significant growth and development over the last 5 year. Turkey will be an international logistics base! Beykoz Logistics Vocational School officials, Turkey is rapidly becoming an international logistics base and well-trained in the industry accordingly, he says will require skilled manpower. Geographical structure due to land, sea and located in Turkey, an important point of air transportation, t need trained manpower along with the development of the logistics industry is growing with each passing day.
2023 targets a growth in foreign trade is targeted 4 times, stating that this applies to the logistics industry, officials of the Vocational College of Logistics, the demand for logistic manpower in logistics will grow, he says: Prof Employment will be doubled, and this is the staff profile that the sector needs! In the logistics sector, 10 is said to have employed more than one thousand people and it is emphasized that the sector needs highly trained manpower.
Senior manpower sees the problem as one of the most important problems of the sector. Today, the Turkish logistics sector is known to have a qualified personnel gap of about 50 thousand. While the national and international logistics companies agree that they need qualified, trained employees, they underline their preference for recruiting during the recruitment period, covering the gap in information and education, open to international experience and foreign language candidates.
Scholarship opportunity for% 70 in Beykoz Logistics Vocational School Beykoz Lojistik Vocational School of Higher Education (50) increases its scholarship rate up to% 25 with the additional scholarships provided for the first three preferences for% 70 and% 50 scholarships. Thanks to the additional quotas, including a limited number of full scholarship quotas, from logistics to sea port management; from foreign trade to civil aviation business areas waiting for young people. Beykoz Logistics Vocational School gives information about preferences before additional placement for candidates. Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, which provides graduates with strong sectoral ties by preparing them for their business life in a short time, offers attractive opportunities for candidates in additional placement period. In addition to the scholarship quota of% 25 and% XNUMX, candidates who prefer Beykoz Logistics Vocational School for the first three choices will be entitled to receive additional scholarships. According to this, the preferred scholarships are as follows:
1. Candidates who make their choice as Beykoz Vocational School% 20
2. Candidates who make their choice as Beykoz Vocational School% 15
3. Candidates who make their choice as Beykoz Vocational School will be entitled to receive additional 10 scholarships.
Computer Programming (% 50 and% 25 scholarship), Marine and Port Management (% 50 and% 25 scholarship), Foreign Trade (% 100,% 50 and% 25 scholarship), Power Plant Management (% 50 and% 25) with scholarship), Public Relations and Publicity (with 50 scholarship), Business Administration (with 50 scholarship), Logistics (with 50 and 25 scholarship), Marina Business (% 50 and% 25 scholarship), Mobile Technologies (% 50 and% 25) (with scholarship), Rail Systems Management (with 50 and 25 scholarships), Civil Aviation Management (% 100,% 50 and% 25 scholarship), Civil Aviation Cabin Services (% 50 and% 25 scholarship) programs offered with additional quota Logistics Vocational School has so far brought the 2000 graduate to the business world.
Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, designed for the purpose of training all its programs with the aim of training qualified personnel for the logistics sector and directing all of its energy to this sector, believes that vocational thematic education cannot be practiced on the basis of theoretical knowledge and that there should be practice to fill the gap in this field. He learned the Yaparak Doing it by learning görev philosophy and renewed the educational practices and took the task of pioneering the reshaping of vocational education. The school, which prepares students directly for the realities of the business world with the Professional Skills Development Center, Simulation Application courses and Project / Street Laboratory Applications, has the identity of a single Foundation vocational high school of the Logistics sector, which has 50.000 person working deficit according to experts.
With the diversification of the logistics sector, the school adds niche areas to the education program, thus bringing the graduates to the business world. For example, programs such as Marina Management, Rail Systems Management, which have qualified staff in their fields, and those who are trained in departments that do not have a large number of universities, can easily be employed. Again, for the first time opened by Beykoz Logistics Vocational School of Energy and Facilities Management, Mobile Technologies Programming programs are also qualified to provide training in areas that began to open in Turkey.


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