Municipality of Civril purchased

Civril Station 'n bought municipalities: Sales up frequently in coming and stopped the Republic of Turkey on the appeal of Çivrilli every time the State Railways (TCDD) belonging Date Civril Station, the bought municipalities. Çivril Municipality is preparing to reorganize the station, which it bought for 1 million 253 thousand 405 TL, as a cultural center and square.
Çivril Municipality, located in the Lower Neighborhood and opened by the TCDD last year, the sale of the 54 thousand square meters of land on the agenda and the 7 stone building on the 1 253 Thousand 405 TL XNUMX purchased.
Mayor of Civril Gürcan Güven stated that they made a significant move in the name of Çivril's future and said m We purchased TCDD lands which were planned to be built in the last years and planned to be built in the area with the immovable properties on it. This will be Çivril's vision. We will make it the most favorite area of ​​the city. Bur
President Güven stated that the parks in Çivril district and the current municipal service building could not respond to the needs. ”We plan to build a municipal service building in the old fire department located in this area of ​​54 thousand square meters. After the restoration of the historical stone building of 7 in accordance with the original, we will put into service the social areas where cultural activities can be done. We will create parking spaces and cafe-style places with the planning and planning we will do in the area. Al




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