President Uysal, Asphalt Production Plant We Will Build

President Uysal, Asphalt Production Plant We Will Build: Muratpaşa Mayor Ümit Uysal, 2015's first public day meeting was held in Meltem Neighborhood.
Meltem Mahallesi Meltem Boulevard on the meeting held at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Muratpaşa citizens showed great interest despite the torrential rain. Welcomed by the citizens of the President Uysal, Meltem Mahallesi'nda told the work done. President Uysal said, Başkan We started to work on asphalt plant in Döşemealtı. We will produce our own asphalt ourselves. Kendi
President Ümit Uysal said that they transformed the Meltem neighborhood into a habitable modern-looking neighborhood and said, ys We are renewing our asphalts, bringing our pavements to European standards and planting citrus trees. Our park work continues in the 20 region. We put our funeral services into service. We take our garbage containers underground. We're working on opening two old houses. Our courses in the 17 region continue for our women. We are creating a market for our women to sell their products Kadınlar.
President Ümit Uysal listened to the problems of citizens in the second part of the meeting. President Uysal said that the work to solve the problems in the neighborhood will be done. C Our teams go to our neighborhoods and solve the problems. Meltem Mahallesi is an example of this study. After the work of CLK and natural gas company, our teams; completed the asphalt and pavement work. Bayındır District, continues to work Bay he said.

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