Adiyaman wants to train

Adiyaman wants to train: representatives of non-governmental organizations gathered in Adiyaman asked for the transportation of freight in the city by rail network.
In Adıyaman, the insistent demands of non-governmental organizations regarding the railway continue. MUSIAD, TUMSIAD, Chamber of Commerce and Industry emphasized the importance of irrigation and railroad network at the point of economic development of Adıyaman.
President of MUSIAD Serif Yildirim, the world's marble reserves of the 4'ın Adiyaman'da and that the marble TIR'la loaded with the costs of drawing attention, the railway would fall in the case of this cost would fall. Yıldırım said that the transportation of other products, especially marble, involved a high cost. Yıldırım said:
“Every day, hundreds of tons of marble from Adıyaman is transported to the Middle East countries or Mersin Port with a truck and transported from here to Far East countries by ships. Currently, trucks are carrying the weight of marble from 40-50 TL, when the freight train arrives, this cost will decrease to 10-15 TL. As MUSIAD, we presented a file on railways to the Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs, who attended our meeting in Elazig. In a city where 4 percent of the world's marble reserves are located, there must be a train to be used in freight transportation. In addition, train is required for passenger transportation. The railway network that comes to Gölbaşı district must extend to Kahta district through Adıyaman. The cost of the railroad may be high, but it is gratifying that the government has set its 2023 targets and reached that year. There is sensitivity in all segments of the society for the implementation of the project. As MUSIAD, we strive to do our part. "
TÜMSİAD President Erkan Çakmak also stated that Adıyaman is a tourism city and has a developing industry and said: kazanit's important to get out. Shipping cost is one of the main expenses that affect the unit cost of the manufactured products. The shipping cost directly increases the price. In this case, it reduces the competitiveness of the produced goods in the market and seriously reduces the profit margin of our farmer or industrialist. The railway is a cheap mode of transport. It is indispensable for cities like Adıyaman, whose economy and industry are newly developing.”
In our country where high-speed trains are spoken, the fact that the railway network has not yet arrived in Adıyaman has increased the victimhood of Adıyaman and continued: “Adıyaman, who cannot get the place it deserves from the incentive law, is economically weak from neighboring provinces. With investments such as railways, Adıyaman should have a chance to compete with neighboring provinces. The city of peace, Adıyaman, deserves all investments. This unrequited self-sacrifice should be crowned. We want the high-speed train to be considered for Adıyaman in passenger transportation as well as the railroad. We have to keep our goal high, we must persistently demand this issue in unity. As TÜMSİAD, we previously conveyed our rail requests to the addressees of the issue. Again, as TÜMSİAD, we are ready to do our part in this regard. "
Adıyaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Mustafa Uslu pointed out that Adıyaman needs a freight train before passenger transportation and said, “The arrival of the railway is a big deal for both Adıyaman and the country's economy. kazanI will provide. Every day, tons of marble is transported by truck. On the one hand, the cost increases, on the other hand, these trucks disrupt the highways and harm the national economy. If the railway is used for freight transportation, the roads will not deteriorate and the costs will decrease. First of all, the freight train needs to arrive in Adıyaman. Of course, having a train in passenger transportation is beneficial for our city, but our priority is to use the train in freight transportation. On the other hand, cotton and other products from foreign countries come to Adıyaman by TIR. The transportation cost will decrease by rail. When we applied for the railway in 2010, the interested parties came to the pre-feasibility study. However, it was stated that the railway was not very profitable. However, a file was given to our Prime Minister and Ministers who visited our province recently. We will continue to do our part. Railways are costly investments. It's not something that will happen in a year or two. The 2023 target is considered good for us. I don't think it could happen before then. I hope Adıyaman kazanwe'll go."
Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs, who came to Adıyaman, stated that taking the city into the network is one of the targets of 2023 year.

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