Judgment 3. has not seen the EIA for the airport

Judgment 3. The EIA did not see the EIA for the airport: Judgment, 3. the Ministry of Transportation, which won the tender, received a positive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report at the airport.
Ankara 6th Administrative Court ruled in favor of the ministry, saying "EIA positive certificate was obtained immediately after the tender", although it is stated in the Environment Law and the EIA regulation that "no tender can be made without the EIA positive decision". According to the report of Iklim Öngel from Cumhuriyet, only one judge voted “rejection” on the grounds that “there is no compliance with the law and legislation” in the decision which does not recognize the law. In the EIA report prepared after the tender for the 9rd airport, it is emphasized that the area is 3 percent forest area, and attention is drawn to the risk of landslides, tree and stream damage. President of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers Baran Bozoğlu said, “80. they pretend to smuggle goods from the airport fire. Wetlands were plundered, 3 million trees were cut down, we will appeal the unlawful decision ”.
Ministry of Transport, 3. The EIA for the airport was auctioned without positive decision. After the tender was finalized, the EIA report on the project was prepared and the Ministry of Environment, despite the many negative evaluations in the report, produced a Ç positive İhale result. The Chamber of Environmental Engineers (ÇMO) has filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Transport for the cancellation of the tender on the grounds that li a tender was made without a positive EIA decision es and the MO positive dı decision of the Ministry of Environment on the negative EIA.
Decree of a refusal: Unlawful
The Ministry of Transportation in the case opened by the Ministry of Transport for illegal bidding, the judiciary, "Who wants to do what people want, the project will do," said the Ministry of Transport. While the decision was not given by the unanimous vote, the em rejection em clause of a judge stated that ler unless the EIA positive decision was made, it was clear that the project could not be initiated and that it could not be tendered. In his statement, the judge noted that the EIA report was received after the tender and noted that ardından there is no compliance with the law and the legislation Açık.
'2.5 million trees cut'
ÇMO President Baran Bozoğlu, said the airport suddenly emerged as a fire smuggled goods. 2.5 million trees have been cut, 70 wetland area is empty, said Bozoglu, the decision is not scientific and legal, he said. Noting the reason for the refusal of the third judge, Bozoglu said they would appeal the decision.


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