2014 Investments 1 Billion 215 Millions of Izmir Metropolitan

İzmir Metropolitan's Investments in 2014 1 Billion 215 Million: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality spent 2014 billion 1 million TL in 215.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in the 2014 1 billion 215 million pounds spent on investment spending. The last year of 11 investment has reached 7 billion 222 million pounds.
The Metropolitan Municipality, which has made investments and projects with the aim of proj local development Yatırım, has carried out important projects in 2014. In addition to the investment of 818 million 311 thousand pounds of the municipality, İZSU has invested in 267 million, Eshot 73.8 million pounds. Büyükşehir, 56 million pounds for the projects of district municipalities last year provided material support. Thus, 2014 year 1 billion 215 million years of investment was. Aiming to raise the living standards of the city, the Metropolitan Municipality has implemented tens of projects from expropriation activities to infrastructure, from new exhibition area to transportation investments, from the preservation of history and from city transformation to important environmental facilities. He also started dozens of investments in the same period. Eshot and İZSU have invested 2004 billion 2014 million pounds in 7-222 with institutions. 5 billion 237 million pounds of them were made by the Metropolitan, IZSU 1 billion 586 thousand, Eshot 398,6 million pounds invested.
After the opening of Göztepe Station in March 2014 in İzmir Metro, the last two stops of the 20-kilometer metro network, Poligon and Fahrettin Altay stations started to serve in July. Konak with 12,6 stops of 19 kilometers and 9,7 stops of 15 kilometers Karşıyaka Work has begun on the construction of tram lines. Çakabey, Dokuz Eylül and 15 Atatürk started voyages from 1881 passenger ships that were ordered to improve sea transportation. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality signed a contract for the purchase of a three-car cruise ship with a capacity of 450 passengers and 64 cars to join the gulf fleet. The construction of new passenger passenger ships to be purchased with an investment of 82 million liras has begun; The first will be put into service in mid-2015. It completed the construction works by investing more than 70 million liras on the İZBAN line that will extend to Torbalı. The line will be put into service shortly. In order to extend the İZBAN line to Selçuk by 26 kilometers, a tender was made for the construction of two stations. Two train sets, consisting of 10 wagons ordered to meet the increasing needs in the developing metro system, were completed at the factory in China and set off to come to İzmir. A tender was also made for the purchase of 85 train sets with 17 wagons. With an investment of 22 million 500 thousand euros, 100 articulated buses suitable for disabled use will be added to the transportation fleet. kazanyelled. With the slogan "The roads are now BISIM", a healthy and environmentally friendly transportation opportunity was provided with rental bicycles along the coastal road. BISIM started to serve with 29 bicycles at 311 stations. A passenger lift system was installed to make the buses accessible to the disabled. Pedestrian transportation, which was interrupted due to the passage of the İZBAN line in Şemikler, was restored with an underpass. While 80 thousand tons of asphalt was laid with an investment of 730 million liras, a total of 36 km. the plain road was paved.


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