Turkey is turning to gas transportation and energy this year

Turkey is turning to gas transportation and energy this year: mega-projects will mark the new year. This year will be equipped with a side rail and bridge over Turkey, while the energy giant projects will come to a life. The foundations of Turkish Stream and TANAP will be laid.
Transportation and energy projects in Turkey in 2014, which accelerated in 2015 continues. A tip from one end of Turkey in the field of transport is new roads, railways and bridges were provided with, will be commissioned in new energy projects. This is the most important of the projects after the cancellation of the South Stream signed between Russia and Turkey and the Turkish Movement Trans which is the name to be taken given the new line agreement and the foundation in March Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) forms.
Within the scope of these projects, 2015 km of Keçiören-Atatürk Culture Center metro line and 9,2 km of Gebze-Halkalı The construction of the suburban line will be completed, the 4,5 km Levent-Hisarüstü metro line and the Seyrantepe warehouse connection will be completed, and the foundation of the 9 km Bakırköy-Bahçelievler-Kirazlı metro line will be laid. In addition, the Esenboğa airport rail system connection construction tender will be held. The foundation of the Sabiha Gökçen Airport railway connection will be laid.
In addition to these, Ovit Tunnel, Cankurtaran Tunnel, Salmankas, Erkenek, Karahan, Cudi, Ilgaz, Sapça, Üzülmez tunnels will be completed this year. Sinop Airport Terminal Building will be started, Hakkari (Yüksekova) airport will be completed, and the capacity of marinas will be increased from 17.700 to 18.600. Some investments will be made in the transport sector in 2015 in the following way: 76 km of Turkey Turkey -Gürcis side of the railway construction will be completed in 2015.
Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Train Line to be completed. Istanbul-Edirne high-speed train line will be auctioned and construction will start. Karaman başlan Ulukışla, Sivas-Erzincan, Gaziantep-Şanlıurfa, Mersin-Adana high-speed train line will start construction. The construction of the Adana-Gaziantep high-speed train line will continue. Antalya-Konya-Aksaray-Nevsehir-Kayseri, Kirikkale-Corum-Samsun, Yerkoy-Aksaray-Ulukisla High-speed train line project will be started. The preparation of the Sivas-Malatya railway project will begin.
Investments and projects to be made in the field of energy in 2015 are also very important. This year, excluding large hydropower plants, production will continue privatization process of the power plant, port auctions of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant project will take place in March, Turkey Petroleum Corporation will start a new drilling in western Black Sea with Shell. In addition, the foundation of TANAP will be laid in March. After the cancellation of the South Stream between Russia and Turkey and the Turkish Movement called the agreement will continue the new line.


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