Izmit Tram will carry 16 thousand passengers per day

Izmit Tram will carry 16 thousand passengers a day: The tram planned to be built in Izmit was discussed at the meeting held at KOTO. KOTO President Murat Özdağ, who made the opening speech of the meeting, said, "The tram will relieve the city with a daily passenger capacity of 16 thousand".
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's (Let's Talk Tram ata meeting was held in Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce (KOTO) hall to discuss the contribution of the tram project to be implemented between Sekapark-Otogar to the life, economy and trade of the city. Metropolitan Secretary-General Assoc.Phil Büyükakın, detailed information about the subject, the participants also expressed their views. AKP Provincial Deputy Chairman Mehmet Uzunoğlu, Kocaeli Chamber of Ministers Chairman Mustafa Kurt, Bus Station Association President Halil Baylam, Red Crescent Branch President Muzaffer Şişmanoğlu, Metropolitan Municipality administrators, KOTO Council members and Izmitliler interested in the tram attended.
KOTO President Murat Ozdag, in the opening speech of the meeting said the tram project would benefit greatly from the city. Ozdag, de We need to renew ourselves. We need to exchange ideas on issues of interest to the city. Kent Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Tahir Büyükakın stated that although they saw the traffic flows with computer models, the people in the field should be touched, ini I will tell you about the alternative we chose, but we will take your criticism and your thoughts. On the route through which the tram passes, how much will be the passenger, the construction cost of the ground structure, expropriations and other difficulties are taken into consideration. AKP's rail system is not. The name of Akçaray has been established and it is changed if you want. 16 per day will carry thousand passengers. The number of passengers will increase over the years with additional routes. 2040 will be transported by a thousand passengers. The value of the buildings will increase in the streets where the tram will pass. Tram
Büyükakın stated that after the demolition of the governor's office, the six car parks would be parked by the Metropolitan Municipality. Connection will be made in the new project; will not turn over at the bridge. My father will be back. We're protecting the trees with cultural heritage. The ones that can be moved are moved. The 5 building, including Telekom, will be expropriated at the Central Bank. Sahabettin Bilgisu Street will be closed to traffic. The construction of the tram will end in the 1.5 year. Bina Can the community house be burned and a new space can be created? It will be restored. Sorun The parking problem was also a priority problem, he said. Yoğun The junction of the Justice Bridge is already intense. Büyükakın kğısa to the question ıs Is it possible to work on the level crossing? Hem and he responded that it could be in the long term.
Büyükakın, "The tram is not a solution in the long term, the light rail system to start from Yarımca should be a metro line from the city center to Umuttepe, Büyükakın," We have similar line work. 32 miles. Starting from the Gulf and Cengiz Topel'a transportation work is done. Metro is another, the tram is something else. We need to encourage public transport Toplu. Büyükakın, with the new transportation projects, 42 Evler and Sanayi entrance exits will be blocked. We are aware of the region. Böl
Mustafa Kurt, the President of the Chamber of Local Minibuses and Buses, also revealed his problems, Od The most disadvantaged minivans. It wasn't the time for the tram. It would be better if natural gas vehicles were to be made to make such expropriation. Artisans should be in the tram project. Metro would be better. Metro Kurt responds to Büyükakın, el Take a bus, we do not take, we say, let's share the transportation, they do not. We don't want our tradesmen to get hurt, we don't step. In surveys, this city is not satisfied with public transport. We need to change public transport. We've delayed 10 bus purchases with natural gas. We waited for the bus to take; therefore we delayed. bu

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