Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Records One Week Asphalt Poured

📩 24/12/2018 16:41

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Poured Record Asphalt in a Week: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which continued its 2014 investment program without interruption, has conducted 1 km of hot asphalt work in the last 23.5 week. Mayor Enver Yılmaz said, “Ordu is not just a center anymore, for the works carried out by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality with its own team and equipment. As Metropolitan Municipality, we promised that we would take service to every point of Ordu. Our people see that every promise given is being fulfilled. ”
Stating that they focus primarily on road and water works in every corner of Ordu, Mayor Enver Yılmaz said that the hot asphalt application carried out was highly appreciated by the Army. Chairman Yılmaz emphasized that they continue their investments primarily in line with the program, and that infrastructure preparations continue in many districts before hot asphalt.
Stating that the road network, which concerns the whole of Ordu, as well as small and medium-sized investments, will be completely eliminated with the 750 km hot asphalt investment, which continues the tender process. They made 1 km of hot asphalt within 23.5 week and road maintenance at 32 km. ”
The work done at the points previously allocated to the 4 region is as follows:
First district: Doğanköy, Medreseönü road, Perşembe, Saglikoy-Ataköy-Eyüplü in the district of Altınordu, Akçatepe-Gazi and Yemişli road, Kabadüz district Başköy, 18 km in Yeşilada roads, Saraycık Akdam road in Altınordu district, Delikkaya road, Burhanettin road, Ulubey district. CevizliK-road, Akpınar-Akkese roads 16 km hot asphalt work,
Second region: Total 3.5 km hot asphalt work on the Kovancılı road in Kumru district,
Third zone: Kabataş district, Belen-Beylerli road, Mesudiye district Çavdar- Kışlacık road and Çavdar road 11 km general maintenance work,
Fourth zone: 4 km hot asphalt work on Devecik road in İkizce district, 3 km maintenance work on the road of Tekkiraz district.

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