Cetinkaya Bridge Brides Upset

Çetinkaya Bridge Upset the Brides: The last ruined state of the Çetinkaya Bridge, which has been legendary for many years in Samsun's Bafra district and famous for the 'bride crossed the bridge' at every wedding, upset the people of Bafra as well as young couples who came to have a souvenir wedding photo.
Emery and Bayram Ataş, who wanted to make a picture with a view for outdoor shooting for their wedding, will be Bafra Çetinkaya Bridge. Young couples, '' We both heard the story of the story we read. We came here from Samsun to Bafra to take our wedding pictures outdoors. But we saw that the bridge has lost its old character. The ground was poured into the entrance. Disturbed. It's full of garbage. A moment before the hand as it is handed to the bridge as described to take the old form. '' He said.



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