Description of High Speed ​​Train and Burning Ship

The Minister of Transport and Burning Ship Fast Train Description: Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, spoke about the Yenikapı'dan the burning ship. Elvan said the ship was a fuel tanker and said 1 was injured. Yesilköy held in Istanbul Expo Center xnumx'üncü Eurasia Rail International Railway Light Rail, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair performs the opening of the Elven Ministers, answered questions of the reporters. , There is fuel on the 4 ton. We have 400 injuries. Our 1 friend has been evicted from the ship. Our trunks and lifeguards are there right now. I can tell him the fire is under control, Yangın he said. The fire in the Strait of the ship is not affected by the fire, the minister said, adding that the fire was taken under control.
Elvan, who said kısm We are working tarih to the question about the last situation in the Ankara - Istanbul high-speed train project and said that he could not give any information about the end date, es There is a small part. We're gonna start testing in a few days. We've tested a major part. There is very little. 2-3 will start the day after the tests of the rate, Oran he said.

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