Anything can be done to Haydarpaşa Train Station

📩 25/11/2018 19:13

Anything can be done to Haydarpaşa Train Station: TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that they are working with ÖİB for the privatization of Haydarpaşa Train Station and said, “We will collect the projects and ask the public. Anything can be done, ”he said.
TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman answered the questions about the Haydarpaşa Train Station, which still remains unclear in the public opinion. Reminding that the Haydarpaşa Train Station will be privatized and that they are working together with the Privatization Administration (PA), Karaman said, çalışma Anything can be on top of it, so as not to obstruct the first floor of the Gar to the citizen. Hotel, cultural center or something else. The Privatization Administration is working. 1 is an area of ​​1 million square meters, everything can be done, X he said.
We got the public opinion
Karaman, General Director of TCDD, said:: We have received the opinion of the public about this place. It is said that he did not touch the area from Anatolia to Istanbul and the stairs. We can enter this area. Let's get in and out. ' Because it's in Çırağan. Çırağan'ı privatized citizens came 'We will visit the palace' he, 'can not enter' they said. It won't be like that here. Citizens can come and go on the ground floor. He can land down the stairs. But we're going to implement a new project on it. Iz
Karaman said, “We will collect projects related to this. We will exhibit the projects we have collected. We will present it to the public. We have a ship where we carry our wagons. He painted it red and KadıköyStarting from, we will walk around the shore and exhibit the projects. We will open the projects to the citizens, "he said.
Train lines will remain
Karaman reminded that they are rehabilitating the suburban lines and said that the suburban lines coming to Haydarpasa will continue to come here after the rehabilitation work is finished. Karaman, said the project was taken into consideration. Train lines arriving in Haydarpaşa were included in the 2013 rehabilitation project in 24 for a month.
After the project after the auction
The tender for the privatization of Haydarpaşa Train Station was awarded to PA at the end of 2012. The reason for the decision, the decision of the PA, 'zoning changes' and 'expropriation' studies, other public institutions and organizations to get faster results were announced. There are two options on how to do the project tender. At the moment, the project's engineering and architecture tender, the project will focus on determining the architects to draw. Then, the tender for the selected project is planned. According to this, the construction business will gain the minimum operating time. In the project, which is planned to be realized by Build-Operate-Transfer model, it is stated that the company that is loading and operating the company will be asked for a down payment and a specific rent for each year.
Historical stairs of Yeşilçam movies
Another importance of the historical Haydarpaşa Train Station, built by German and Italian stone masters as the starting station of the Istanbul-Baghdad Railway line in 1908, stems from its historical stairs. The stairs of Haydarpaşa Train Station are known as the starting scene of Yeşilçam movies. The stairs in question are promoted as one of the places where tourists coming to Istanbul do not leave Istanbul without seeing them or taking pictures on the stairs. Süleyman Karaman stated that they had to pay special attention to these stairs while they were planning for Haydarpaşa Train Station and said, “You know, the guy in those films comes to Istanbul for the first time… He stands on the stairs, looks and so on. "We will not look at those stairs, we will protect exactly" he said.


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