Çorlu Municipality 5 512 Thousand 559 Tons Asphalt Poured Per Year

Çorlu Municipality Poured 5 tons of Asphalt in 512 Years: It has been announced that the Çorlu Municipality of Tekirdağ has poured 559 tons of asphalt in Çorlu since 2009. It has been reported that many new roads, intersections and avenues have been renewed in Çorlu with asphalt works.
While Çorlu Municipality started asphalt works in Çorlu since March 2009, it was learned that within a period of 5 years, Çorlu Municipality laid 512 tons of asphalt to Çorlu. In addition to the amount of asphalt laid, it was stated that the Çorlu Municipality laid 559 thousand 5 meters of curbstone and 101 thousand 936 square meters of pavement work in 251 years.
On the other hand, it was noted that as a result of the works of Çorlu Municipality, most of the pavements in Çorlu were repaired, and the amount of asphalt thrown in Çorlu Municipality reached a record level. New asphalts were laid on the boulevards such as Bülent Ecevit Boulevard, Çetin Emeç Boulevard and Ali Osman Çelebi, and they were offered to the people of Çorlu.

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