Transportation to Tuzla Viaport Marin will be provided by Havaray

Viaport Marine Salts' to be provided with transportation havaray: Turkey and the world will be reviewing Tuzla Viaport Marin showcased. The marina, which will host 25 million tourists annually, will be reached by havaray. Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, promised that the project will be completed in 1 year.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbas, Tuzla Mayor Şadi Yazıcı, Via Properties Board Chairman Coşkun Bayraktar and guests attended the project.
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, said,, There is no city in the world to compete with Istanbul. We took steps to make Istanbul a model city. An important destination. Not just for Istanbul; we have put forward a project for people coming from abroad yurt.
Stating that new projects can be added to the project, Topbaş said, “Imagine a train here. Let the submarine dive into the sea and see the wrecks below. Make an aquarium for the first time to the seabed and there will be some activity there. These are the projects that investors who are open to new ideas will put forward. It will make a great contribution to the competitiveness of Istanbul in the world. Tuzla, which seems to be the most extreme point of the city, comes into play again. There is a street tram there. When he also contributes, Istanbul's pulse will beat there. This project will affect all the people of the world and will be a model project. Our wish is that those who live in this city admire this city and not envy other cities. Another new area after Istanbul Vialand kazanhe's eating. I want Istanbul to be a city where the world speaks,” he said.
Speaking in the program, Tuzla Mayor Şadi Yazıcı said, “When we say the sea, we said that Tuzla should come to mind. There was a Tuzla with Naval Academy and Maritime Faculty. We are protecting the historical Tuzlalu and we are trying to establish an area above the sea in the growing region with new living spaces. At least 2 people will work and a new employment will be created in Tuzla. kazanwill yell. I would like to thank our brother Kadir Topbaş who has always supported us. I'm giving you one more good news. We added an area to the project where there will be light, sound and water games in that area.”
Viaport Marin, built by Via Properties and living in Tuzla with the contribution of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Tuzla Municipality, will be opened to the service of Istanbul residents in May 2015. The Viaport Marin project is implemented with an investment of 570 million TL. In the project, where the 5 anchored marina concept is adapted, fishermen's shelters that are forgotten are being rebuilt. The project, which consists of the social areas that the people of Tuzla can benefit from, will include 150 thousand square meters of green space, marina with 750 yacht capacity, hotel placed on islets and commercial units where Tuzla people and yacht owners can meet their needs. Green spaces, parks and a giant playground with 7 70 will appeal to everyone from Viaport Marin, passed seaside hotel with a difference in life for the first time in Turkey is preparing to oluşturmya. In Istanbul, where the distance of the transportation network is shortened, Tuzla is becoming a new center of life by being free from the industrial zone.
Coşkun Bayraktar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Via Properties, which has made a name for itself with the concept projects they have implemented so far, said, “We are pleased to realize this project, which is a world-class project in Tuzla, which is also the first in Turkey. This project will be a gift to our domestic and foreign guests. Enjoying the sea in Istanbul will now be experienced in Tuzla. Visitors who will shop on the sea will stay at the hotel if they wish, or swim in the swimming pool that will be created from sea water of 10 thousand square meters. Stating that they have signed a project that will make a lot of noise in Turkey, Bayraktar said, “We will make a great contribution to tourism. Tourists will not leave Istanbul without seeing Tuzla Marin. Tuzla, which was the center of fishing until the end of the 1980s, has restored its former glory. kazanwill ache. This project will be our gift to Istanbul and Istanbulites,” he said.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş said that one of the renovation projects of Tuzla is transportation, Belediye We will bring two different metro lines and havars to the region. Viaport Marin will be a very important activity center of Istanbul. 25 million people will come here every year. Yıl


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