Ünsal: We can't get information from Burulaştan

Unsal: Burulaştan We can not get information: Grand Unity Party (BBP) Bursa Provincial Chairman Omer Unsal, according to the Law on the Obligation to Obtain Information to the citizen claimed that BURULAŞ.
Unsal, said in a statement, ihale Bursaray stations outside the scope of the tender, except for the scope of the tender law 4734 3-G of the article, we asked as if the tender was delivered to the address. In our research, we learned that 40 can be done at a price such as a thousand liras. According to the Law on Access to Information, we wanted information from BURULAŞ. What is the wisdom, instead of answering, 'we're doing our job right. BURULAŞ prepares the ground for our concerns with this attitude. BURULAŞ should be transparent. The tenders should be open to public monitoring. İ
According to 4734-G of the Tender Law numbered 3 from BURULAŞ, Ünsal said that they wanted to list the tenders in the 2013 in the year of XNUMX. I've been following Ekap all the time, but I didn't see it. Because the tenders are not subject to the law, it does not appear to be done with direct delivery. 'How many pounds have been awarded for the renovation, maintenance and decoration works for the city center? Why the tender price is not published in the system 'we asked. We didn't ask, they answered half a page. Since it is provided by direct delivery, it is called as ası market research ası. 'We can see the balance and balance sheets of BURULAS' we said. 'Only those who have the authority to examine by the council and the law can see them,' they said. It may be true, but this company is not a private company, it is a public company Doğru.

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