Trapped between tram and handrails

📩 29/11/2018 18:25

It was stuck between the railings and the tram: They were stuck between the railings and the tram. A young man hit by the tram in Eskişehir was injured. According to the information received, Betül B. (24), who wanted to cross the road on the rails in front of the Courthouse on the Cumhuriyet Boulevard of Kurtuluş district, was hit by the tram under the administration of Umut K. (32). The blown Betül B. was squeezed between the tram and the railings. Citizens and personnel working in the Courthouse came to the aid of the injured. The injured, who was taken out of the area where he was stuck, was treated at Eskişehir State Hospital, where he was taken to the scene by the 112 Emergency Service ambulance. While it was learned that there was no danger to the life of the injured, the citizens claimed that there was a signaling error in the traffic lights made for controlled passage of the tramway.

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