OMÜye 2 trams will be provided within the year

OMÜye 2 will provide tram transportation within the year: Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz gave the good news at the opening ceremony of OMU 2016-2017 academic year. '2 will bring the rail system here in the year. The city and university are a whole. I am proud of our university '

Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU), 2016-2017 was opened at the Atatürk Congress and Culture Center at Kurupelit Campus. Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz gave speech in the opening program and gave speech in the speech.
Among the most important achievements of the city within the scope of the Light Rail System Project, the tram has been removed from the university until the important explanations about Yilmaz, the tramway line continues to be prepared quickly.
Yilmaz reminds me of the way they were working on the road in the Kurupelit campus during the 1980 's years when they were stationed on the highways of the university. Yilmaz said, it God has given us a chance, now we will do the rail system X.
Stating that they will not leave any issue related to the bringing of the rail system to the university, Yılmaz said, iyle I am not talking about talking to the roll. A great distance was taken in the source analysis of the project. Project preparation, feasibility studies are continuing rapidly. 2 will take the train here in the year. Not to go to medical school. The interior of the campus, including 400 meters will be in the form of X.
Dü We are always proud of our city, our students, our academic staff and our city, enc said Yılmaz. Bütün Neither the university nor the city is an integral whole. When our children earn a university, we don't just look at the criteria such as the status and reputation of the university they go to. We are going to give our child in the city of his, we are examining the development of the city. We must know that our child learns a lot from the city he / she is going to win. Universities bring integrity and value in the city. Since the day it was founded, OMU added value to its city. Besides, in Samsun, social life and development are at the forefront. It is a living city. What makes their students think of a beautiful city. Neither his student nor his academician will be pleased if he is a closed city. For this, the university and the city are complementary values. Bun
The size of om Device's operating areas, the width of the area that it occupies Yilmaz also informed that among the leading universities in Turkey, now in Kurupelit Campus om Device noted that only serve over 10 thousand acres.
All universities in Turkey in terms of the breadth of the land Yilmaz is reminiscent of the first 50 om Device, "Omi is a great university. Let those who do not know. The faculties in the districts and high schools make a huge building. 62 thousand people come to college. I've always been proud of our university and will hear it in this city. We have taken great distances to make our children a better modern city, university city. These works will continue using our energies with our strength. Bu
Yilmaz, 2016-2017 wishes to be instrumental in the educational year of charity. The ceremony, Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin, AK Party Deputy Chairman Çiğdem Karaaslan, Samsun Deputy Rector. Dr. Saik Bilgiç, MHP Group Vice President Samsun Deputy Erhan Usta, political party, lower-level mayors, representatives of public institutions and organizations, academics and students attended.


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