India train fire: 9 dead

In India train fire: 9 dead.In the fire of the Dehradun Express train in the province of Maharastra, India, one female 9 died in the fire.
When the Dehradun Express, which is from the capital of Maharashtra province, Mumbai to Dehradun, came to the Dahanu district in 02.30 at local time, a fire broke out in one of the cars. All passengers on the train stopped immediately, while some passengers could not leave the wagons due to smoke and fire. At least 9 people lost their lives as a result of fire.
Indian Railways Western zone sözcüspeed Sharat Chandrayan told a local television that the cause of the fire is still unknown. Chandrayan did not comment further, stating that the teams launched an investigation and that the investigation is ongoing.
26 people were killed in a similar train fire in Andhra Pradesh province in December, while 47 people were killed in a train fire last year in the same province. In India, which has one of the world's largest rail networks, the 9 thousand trains carry around 18 million passengers per day.



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