Wagons empty empty sector ran to Ankara

While the wagons were empty, the sector ran to Ankara: The share of the railways in freight transport remained even below the level (2014) at the 5, even at the level of release (4.6), despite the large investments. 2014 million netton 25.1 2015 million nettona in the domestic transports have regressed. Dı There will be liberalization, both the share of the railway and the share of the private sector will increase demir and the big wagon investment was made. But things did not go as expected. The privately owned 22.3 wagon is empty. The Railway Transport Association (DTD), which took action on this table, presented the solution to the ministry with the 300 item. The representatives of the sector, who talked about solutions to the issues leading to Ulaştırma blood loss Bakanı such as lack of liberalization process, infrastructure problems, tariff increases, incapacity for incentives, met with the Minister of Transport, Binali Yıldırım, and asked for the establishment of Communication Coordination Board. The first positive result of the interview came. The planned hike in March was postponed to June. TCDD Goods Tariff was foreseen by 10 on March at 2016.

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