TCDD Port Operations Corruption Operation

📩 29/11/2018 18:06

Corruption Operation in TCDD Port Operations: Izmir Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, TCDD Port Operation Directorate and affiliated offices started an operation in Izmir in the morning
Izmir Public Prosecutor's Office carried out the allegations of irregularities in the operations carried out by the Public Prosecutor's Office to confuse the tender and 25 detained in the operation. It is stated that the number of detention may increase.
Information about the irregularities in the port operations on the Department of Anti-Financial Department teams launched an investigation. Following the 6 months of the teams, the operation was started by identifying the persons who had irregularities. 25 people were detained in simultaneous raids in the provinces including Izmir and Ankara.
Among those detained, it was stated that there were high-level managers and officers of İzmir Port Operations. They alleged that they made irregularities in the tenders and transactions and gave them to the people they wanted. Following the statements of the suspects, new people could be taken into custody.


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