Izmit tram project is a little bit like imagined

Izmit tram project is a bit of a dream: SP Provincial Chairman Sinan Ejderoğlu, who made a statement to the journalists before the management meeting held, said, "If it happens, we will be happy, but I do not think they can do it," said the weekly meeting of the Provincial Administration of the Felicity Party. Answering questions from press members before the meeting held at the party building, the provincial chair Sinan Ejderoğlu made ambitious statements. Ejderoğlu, to the allegations of the delay of the Metropolitan candidate, said, “We do not elect a metropolitan candidate, we choose the Metropolitan Mayor. So it took a little longer, ”he said.
Expressing that they will make the best use of the remaining time until the elections, Ejderoğlu said, "We will take 13 municipalities with our work," he said. Expressing that the 17 December operation was not off the agenda, Ejderoğlu said, “The operation is called a conspiracy from the ruling front. Of course, there are calipers today. It existed in the past. "We all know that the closure of February 28, the Welfare Party and the Virtue Party, and the trillion cases are a plot. Drawing attention to the fact that the elections remain in the background due to the operation, Sinan Ejderoğlu said, “We know that the separations will not benefit any of us”.
Speaking about the tram showcased in Anıtpark, Sinan Ejderoğlu said, “We thank you for everything done for the nation. Even if they do it 1 day before the election, they do. But we don't believe they will do it. As Felicity Party, we will provide the requested assistance, but we are worried that they will be able to realize the tram. ”Sinan Ejderoğlu said that he has concerns about the tram project.


Günceleme: 29/11/2018 18:23

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