18. Istanbul Tramway

  1. Istanbul Tramway: On the last year, the 18 of the local production trams started to be produced by Turkish engineers. Reducing costs by half, IMM, 90 million pounds profit.

Transportation Inc., which is affiliated to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). It makes a significant contribution to the domestic and national production moves with the completely domestic trams it produces. The 2014th of 'Istanbul Tramway', which started to be produced in 18, met with rails today.


The domestic tram project, designed by IMM in order to reduce dependency on abroad and reduce costs, started 20 years ago on the order of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the IMM President of the time. The tram handles, which were imported for 250 dollars in those years, were produced in Istanbul at a cost of 1 dollar. The project, which then continued with the production of domestic production spare parts, has become completely local in terms of design and software today.

The goal of 1 trams in 18 year was set for the completely locally produced 'Istanbul Tram' project, which was designed for use as a light metro and tram.


The first production of the project, which included a team of 45 people, went down the rails in 2014 and started to serve on the Topkapı-Habipler tram line. The 18th tram, which is the last leg of the project, met with rails yesterday. Domestic trams each cost about 5 million lira. Approximately 10 million lira was paid for each tram previously imported. IMM made a profit of 18 million lira for 90 trams. In the following days, all metro and trams of Istanbul will be renewed with local production.

Turkish-Islamic culture in design signature

The trams, which are specially produced in accordance with the requirements of Istanbul, carry symbols from Turkish-Islamic culture. The tulip figure embedded in the front of the vehicle and the traditional motifs of gold are remarkable. In the interior design, tulip-patterned seats, mihrab-like handle bars, wide doors inspired by the entrance of the palace, swords and glass that combines the starboard bar are preferred.



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