Eskişehir Gar project will be disappointing

The Eskişehir Gar project will be disappointing: The doubts about the new gar project, which has been debated over a long period of time or not, have increased further with the HDY's sign. In the visuals placed in various parts of the city, it was confusing to see only the photographs of the high-speed train on the Eskişehir crossing.
While the construction of the High Speed ​​Train, which is one of the important projects of the government, continues, the idea of ​​renovating the gar buildings in the cities where the high-speed train will pass is still warm.
The fact that Eskişehir, which is the first city of high-speed train, has not been taken a clear step about this issue, which has been spoken for many years, raises concerns.
The discussions on the issue of politicians in the agenda came frequently on the agenda. The harsh debate about where the new station will be in the process that was left behind has delayed concrete steps in this regard. The officials of the Metropolitan Municipality wanted the new station to be built in the sugar factory district, while the government officials insisted that the new station be built in the land of Enveriye, a land belonging to the TCDD.
On the other hand, a project to be made in Eskisehir with the allegation that the new station has taken place continuously in the public opinion, the application project will be made the allegations that the photo was put forward. Inside the 5 star hotel, restaurants, many social equipment, including the new station, where the ground was also among the claims to be made, but in the process all these allegations left a quiet wait.
In the meantime, the people of Eskişehir thought, "What happened to our terminal?" He often brought his questions. During this period, many rumors were raised that the Prime Minister, who came to the city for the provincial congress and came together with the Eskisehir staff at the Governorship, asked the fate of the project, and then said, "There is no need to deal with this project for now, ensure the passage of sweat by building platforms."
After these rumors wandered strongly in the city, the ongoing waiting was transformed into an exciting wait with the rhetoric of the project tender.
However, in the visual, which was posted on various points of the city by DDY and introduced as the "High Speed ​​Train Eskisehir Crossing Project", the prime minister was confused by the fact that such images were seen. The project is officially showing the high-speed train Eskişehir crossing in an area where the platforms are located, and the platforms are made in accordance with the real life, including billboards, roof arrangements, passenger figures and other elements, "Will the station project be a disappointment?" raised the question. Many Eskişehir residents who saw YHT's Eskişehir crossing photograph; He could not help saying, “It seems that our new station project is left to another spring”.
After the visual shared by DDY, the anxious anticipation, which replaced the excited anticipation, also disturbs the people of Eskişehir. Those Eskişehirs who are curious about the developments regarding the new station project, which was previously said to be awarded the project tender; “We hope the new station is unforgettable. They say that the cradle and crossroads of railways will not be left without a station ”...

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