Tram in Eskişehir scared off

Eskişehir derailment tram scared: Eskişehir a passenger tram, derailed due to an unknown reason, crashed. No injuries. According to information received, from the direction of the Opera towards the bus station [more…]


2015 billion liras in rail investments in 9

2015 billion in railroad investments in 9 billion: Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan, 2015 will concentrate on railway investments in the 9 billion pounds investment will be realized, within this framework will open new tenders, he said. Elvan, the year of 2014 [more…]

Intercity Railways

2014 Billion Lira rail investment in 5,1

xnumx't to 2014 billion pounds was invested in railways: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, Turkey to remove the level of developed countries said they did 5,1 billion pounds of investment since xnumx't, "the xnumx't [more…]


Snowed ski resorts revived

It snowed ski resorts revived: Skiers also smiled with the snow. Facilities in Palandöken, Uludağ, Erciyes, Kartalkaya and Sarıkamış are ready for the season. The most beautiful side of winter is undoubtedly snow. When it rains [more…]