Aksaray Municipality Breaks Record on Asphalt

Aksaray Municipality Breaks Record on Asphalt: Aksaray Municipality, 7,5 25 150 thousand tons of asphalt in the neighborhood with a hot asphalt road to the 90 kilometer road at the same time has scored a great record.
Aksaray Municipality continues to work on hot asphalt in various parts of the city even though it is winter season. The teams affiliated to the Directorate of Municipal Science Affairs, Dağılgan on the main road from the military branch to the old health vocational high school junction made the hot asphalt work on the highway.
The works carried out under the supervision of Mayor Haluk Şahin Yazgı are given priority over the city and suburbs. Için The road is an indication of civilization and modernity, plat said President Haluk Şahin Yazgı. The road is a sign of civilization and modernity. Our aim is to continue the works with the understanding of a municipality that completes the lack and can not be done eksik.
On the other hand, the residents of Dağılgan and Pınar neighborhood thanked to President Yazgı for his asphalt works.


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