Konya-Mersin railway project is very important for Karaman

Konya-Mersin railway project is very important for Karaman: We had to go to Karaman twice in a week. We were at Ermemektte last week as Mevlana Development Agency took the Development Board Meeting to Ermenek for the special situation in the district. After that, we attended the award night of Karaman Internet Media and Writers Association.

At the meeting of Mevka, a presentation was made about Karaman's Tourism Potential. Let me admit that I do not know the tourism values ​​of Karaman. If it can be evaluated, Karaman is a city with serious tourism potential that can be really utilized.

Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, attended the award night and we were soon able to see the economic potential of Karaman. First of all, I must say that Minister Elvan is a great opportunity for both Karaman and Konya. As Workspace Turkey's one of the major ministries such as the Ministry of Transport is carrying out an important mission Elven, a savings that will not embarrass those who trust him. Elvan, who has been working as a bureaucrat for many years, knows the problems of our region very well. Practical intelligence and state accumulation come together in a series of services.

Minister Elvan has important projects for both cities. We'il talk about these days. But what I really want to do is Karaman. Karaman seems to have entered a growth trend beyond the size of the land and the population.
In Karaman, which is known as the biscuit and bulgur capital of our country, industry is not limited to this. The developments in many areas show that the future of the city is bright.

In the city whose official exports exceed 300 million dollars, indirect exports are stated to exceed 1 billion. The fact that the center of many big companies is out of the city shadows the figures, Karaman is developing and growing.

The Karaman-Konya High Speed ​​Train project will not only bring Karaman closer to Konya. Karaman will be closer to Ankara, Eskisehir and Istanbul. The fact that the high speed train will extend to Adana, Mersin, Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa will make the city one of the most important centers between the south and west. The railway project that will connect Konya to Mersin is also of great importance for Karaman. Together with Konya, Karaman will be able to transport industrial and agricultural production to ports in a more comfortable manner.

Karaman is clustered around Lütfi Elvan with all its dynamics. The participation of the leading CHP members in the province was one of the best examples of collective solidarity. This shows that when Karaman's interests are concerned, differences of opinion are not important. In this respect, I congratulate the Karaman people.

One of the most beautiful sides of the award night is that Karamanli journalists are the only heart for the interests of Karaman. Journalists came together to establish a contemporary media association. As the first action, the Association rewarded those who serve heartily. Counters of the year were awarded the award of the year.

Karaman does not separate itself from Konya. Together they realize that a greater synergy will be achieved. The fact that one of the press awards was given to Kontv during the night is the most important proof. On this occasion I would like to congratulate Karaman, the Karamanis, the Minister Elvan and Intermed, and wish them continued success.




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