Snow Doping on the Cable Car in Uludağ

Uludag Cable Car Will Start Again
Uludag Cable Car Will Start Again

Snow Doping in Uludağ: Dense snowfall started in Bursa caused an increase in the number of passengers of the new ropeway line extended to the Uludağ hotels region.

Heavy snowfall started in Bursa, the number of passengers in the new cable car line extended to the region of Uludag caused an increase in the number of passengers.

Bursa Teleferik A.S. Chairman of the Board of Directors İlker Cumbul, with the snowfall kazanHe said that from time to time there was a stampede on expeditions. Stating that the new line, which was put into operation with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality, was extended to the hotels region and the line started to be used, Cumbul stated that the falling snow made this innovation even more livable.

The cable car line goes up to the second region of the hotels, from here to the first region with the transfer of vehicles emphasizing the Cumbul said, itti It is possible to travel with luggage in all lines. It is a pleasant journey and you can reach the hotels with unprecedented views. We are waiting for everyone. H

Bursa Teleferik AŞ Chairman of the Board İlker Cumbul, who also touched on the price tariff in his speech, stated that the price, which was 4.5 TL for a 10-kilometer line, was increased to 10 TL for a 15-kilometer line. Emphasizing that this corresponds to an average increase of 50 percent, Cumbul said, “The line doubled, but the price remained at 2 percent. The response so far has been pretty good. Everyone is very satisfied. Arab tourists, who used to come only in the summer months, are now starting to come in the winter months. When Uludağ wears her wedding dress, both the image and the demand make more sense. kazanwas,” he said.

Using the new ropeway line, a citizen from Denizli called Emrullah Kılıç stated that the demand for the ropeway increased with the investment made. Kılıç, who has been using his family for years and has started to come to Bursa more often with renewed lines, has invited everyone to see the beauty of Uludağ wearing his wedding dress and to experience the privilege of reaching Uludağ Hotels Region in minutes.

Mehmet Pasha, a man from Kirkuk who had the pleasure of his ropeway with his friend, stated that Uludağ, who had taken his original identity together with snow, had an impressive beauty. Mehmet Eren, who brought tourists to Bursa and carried his customers to Uludağ, thanked the Mayor Recep Altepe for his investment. Algerian, also known as Ebul Abbas, praised the new ropeway.


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