Erciyes Ski Center road 4 striped 19 meters wide

The path Erciyes Ski Center 4 lane 19 meters wide: Kayseri Governor Orhan Smooth, Turkey's leading winter of tourist centers providing Erciyes transportation arrival of the main road and going wide 4 meters, including strip 19 said that a modern way. Properly, the accident in recent days after the Erciyes badness of the perception of the badness asked for not to be.

Governor Düzgün, in his assessment on the subject, 11 person died of a traffic accident that resulted in the road resulting in the perception that a bad way outside the standards of Erciyes road, with this justification, though a little cancellation cancellation, he said. All that Turkey is deeply upset win then made news and commentary in gains occurred where space is at Erciyes path as assessed this situation as properly representing the Governor in the minds of those who know Erciyes give rise to questions, said: "First we need to know that everyone Erciyes Winter Tourism The main route that provides access to the Center is through the road to Hisarcık. In other words, the road used in the Hacılar district is not the main route to Erciyes.

Some of our drivers use the route through the town of Hacilar with the concern of saving distance and time. Our driver, who used to carry university students, went to Niğde direction and he preferred the route going on through Hacılar district with the concern of time and distance. In addition, the forensic investigation related to the cause of the accident of the midibus carrying the students of Niğde University continues, but it appears to be the fault and driver defect in the vehicle's brake system, not according to the initial findings. In addition, it has been determined that the brake of the mentioned midibus has not been examined for a long time together with the brake failure and that the vehicle is not suitable for winter conditions, especially tires. Erciyes'e whether accommodation or day visits to all citizens of the winter conditions compatible with the peace of the peace of mind can provide transportation through Hisarcık.

We advise road safety and to use this route to all our citizens in terms of width. "Investments made Erciyes and the gains of this investment will be obtained at the same time smooth Governor stated that Turkey's achievements, which may occur that everyone on Erciyes, especially in Kayseri negative He pointed out that it should stand in the way of perceptions. Stating that the ski season in Erciyes is continuing successfully, Düzgün said, üne After our accident, our Erciyes is getting the attention they deserve. But we see that the citizens who come to Erciyes for the first time from outside the province are cautious. I would like to emphasize that the accident is not the main road of the Erciyes Ski Center. Erciyes road is a suitable way with its infrastructure.

It is normal to have slopes and bends due to the mountain road and to have difficulty in heavy winter conditions. All relevant units show the necessary sensitivity for road safety. The duty of our citizens is to ensure that their vehicles are suitable for the winter conditions and pay attention to safe driving. Vat Governor Düzgün, travel agencies also have important duties, taking into account the semester break, taking into account the holidays in particular taking Erciyes tour should be expressed by adding the Erciyes path with visual materials to holidaymakers will have positive results to be added to the positive results, he added.