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more a statement from TCDD: Turkey State Railways of the (TCDD) said in a statement, thousands of thousands of organizations in the last 10 years for various business indicating that operate with the company different, "Jobs 5-10 firm was built, of which there is no reality to the claims that they share among themselves jobs," the statement said.
In a written statement made by TCDD, it was stated that the claims about TCDD published in some press organs and websites do not reflect the facts.
In the statement, which stated that TCDD has worked with thousands of different companies for thousands of different jobs in the last 10 years, the following was noted: “The claims that the jobs were made by 5-10 companies and that they shared the works among themselves are not true. TCDD canceled the tender because the bids of the tender for the construction of the ferry to Lake Van were not considered appropriate. The Public Procurement Authority (KIK) approved the annulment decision. The bidder applied to the court.
The court considered the tender canceled by TCDD and KIK valid. In summary, the court decided who won the tender. TCDD compulsorily applied the court decision. The media continues to seek corruption in the tender that the court has decided and TCDD implements.
. TCDD has thousands of tenants. Buffet / cafe tenders were also open to everyone at Yenikapı and Kazlıçeşme stations. The tender was canceled due to unwillingness. The tender, which was held for the second time, was canceled again because it was the only bidder and did not meet the conditions.
This transaction was reported in the media as an 'irregular tender to Simit Saray'. Our organization will use their legal rights about those who use the high-speed train as a 'sos' for all these news and try to erode the image of TCDD and YHT.

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