Metrobus and IDO services are not available in Istanbul

📩 27/11/2018 16:08

Metrobus and IDO flights cannot be made in Istanbul: Some roads were closed to traffic in Istanbul due to May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day. Metrobus, city lines and IDO domestic flights cannot be made.

Some roads were closed to traffic in Istanbul due to May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day. Metrobus, city lines and IDO domestic flights cannot be made.

Barbaros Boulevard was closed to traffic, although it was not among the roads to be closed, announced by the Istanbul Police Department. Çırağan Caddesi is also closed to traffic in the direction of Beşiktaş.

The current coming from Yolcuzade İskender Street is directed from Şişhane Square to Okçumusa Street / Bankalar Caddesi.

Vehicles in the direction of Abide-i Hürriyet Caddesi are allowed to use the Cevahir Hotel direction from the Hürriyettepe lights. The current coming from Darülaceze in the direction of Hürriyettepe lights and from Bomonti Dere is transferred to Darülaceze Street or Bomonti direction again from Cevahir Hotel.
While Halaskargazi Caddesi is closed to traffic, drivers in this direction are directed to Esentepe direction.

Traffic flow in the direction of Şişli is also transferred to Ergenekon Street, Kurtuluş Street and Dolapdere.
There is no current from Dolmabahçe to Gümüşsuyu and Küçükçiftlik. Drivers in this direction are directed to Karaköy from the coast.

The current coming from Adilbaba (Maçka taxi) direction is given to Teşvikiye Street. The tunnel leading from Teşvikiye Avenue to Mete Street is kept closed.

Tarlabaşı Boulevard was closed to traffic. Drivers coming from Kasımpaşa are compulsorily directed to Unkapanı and Perşembe Pazarı.

The direction of Yedikuyu-Divan from Dolapdere is kept closed to vehicle traffic. Vehicles will make a "U" turn from Dolapdere Junction.

Vehicles are not allowed to pass from Dolapdere Street to Ömer Hayyam Street.

While Boğazkesen Street is closed to traffic, vehicles in this direction are also using the Karaköy direction. While vehicle passage is not allowed on Mebusan Hill, Karaköy direction is given as a compulsory direction.

Vehicles coming from Sıraselviler Street are directed from Cihangir Firuzağa Square to Boğazkesen direction.

Atatürk Boulevard Ragıp Gümüşpala junction-Ragıp Gümüşpala Street Unkupanı junction-Kadıköy Galata junction in front of the jetty-Ragıp Gümüşpala Street and Galata Bridge junction will also be closed if needed.

E-5 In the event of a need to enter the Mecidiyeköy entrance from the north and south, traffic flow will be cut off.

On the other hand, starting from Mecidiyeköy Ortaklar, Halaskargazi, Cumhuriyet, Yedikuyular, Sıraselviler, Gümüşsuyu, Taşkışla, Rumeli, Abdulhak Hamit streets, Taşkışla Tunnel and Tarlabaşı Boulevard were also closed to traffic.

Taksim First Aid and German hospitals, ambulances and patients will use the direction of Karaköy Firuzağa.

IDO and City Lines flights canceled

There are no domestic flights of IDO with City Lines flights. Metrobus services are not available from 05.00.

Kabataş-Taksim Finüküler System, the metro operating between Şişhane-Taksim and Taksim-Hacıosman is not operated on Şişhane-Taksim and Levent-Taksim lines after 06.00.

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